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Doctors Hospital Doctors Hospital
Minder & Associates Engineering Corporation (M&A) did all of the Civil Engineering and Surveying for Maxfield Commerce Park. M&A first assignment on Maxfield Commerce Park was to design the road through Maxfield Commerce Park which is now known as Maxfield Parkway, the stormwater treatment and detention and the sanitary sewer, lift station and watermains.

M&A did all of the Civil Engineering Design and Surveying for the Doctors Hospital and Medical Office Building Site. M&A were responsible for all civil engineering design to five- (5) feet perimeter of the building. The Doctors Hospital and Medical Office Building Site is located in the Phillippi Creek Drainage Basin Floodplain. Sarasota County floodplain ordinance requires that all buildings in a floodplain be located at a minimum of two (2) feet above the 100 year 24 hour storm elevation. The floodplain elevation for Doctors Hospital is 18.5 and the finished floor elevation is 20.5. The existing elevation of the site was approximately elevation 17.5. This meant that there would have to be approximately three (3) feet of fill placed on the site. Sarasota County Ordinance requires that for all fills placed in the floodplain that there must be an equal volume or compensatory storage provided elsewhere on the site. There were, also, many old oak trees on the site, which needed to be saved if possible. There, also, were some wetlands on site in the middle of the parking lot, which had to be mitigated. The Southwest Florida Water Management District required that a Master Drainage Plan is submitted for the entire Maxfield Commerace Park Site and it is shown where every cubic yard of fill was being compensated.

M&A first set the finished floor elevations, worked with the Architect to design the parking lots to save as many old oak trees as possible by placing the trees in medians, realigned Maxfield Parkway, and prepared the Stormwater Master Plan.

The final design for Doctors Hospital and Medical Office Building included a two cell treatment and detention pond with storm sewer discharging into the first cell for phenol removal and then discharging into the second cell for additional treatment and detention and then discharging through a bubblier to recharge the aquifer under the created mitigated wetland and compensatory storage area. The mitigated wetlands and compensatory storage areas where designed together to both provide wetland mitigation and compensatory floodplain storage at the northeast and southwest areas of the site. In order to obtain the amount of retention required, the outer perimeter of the parking lots were designed to store up to one (1) feet of stormwater during a 100 year 24 hour storm. By working with the Architect and using innovative site design everything required was fit on the 28.45 acre site without a square foot of unused space.

M&A obtained permits for this Project from Sarasota County Transportation and Utility Departments, Department of Environmental Protection, Southwest Florida Water Management District and the Army Corps Of Engineers.

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